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Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy was established under ambit of Datta Meghe Institute of Higher Education & Research(Deemed to be University) in June 2019. The college is approved by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi and permanently affiliated to the DattaMeghe Institute OF Medical Sciences (Deemed to be University).
College currently runs B.Pharmacy and D.Pharmacy course. The college has excellent infrastructure facilities including State-of-Art Preclinical Research Facility, equipment, instruments, centralized Instrumentation Centre, Pilot Plant and Library having latest books, national and international journals. read more...


Dr. Anil Meghrajji Pethe

21 yrs

Dr. Anil Meghrajji Pethe Professor & Principal


M. Pharm., Ph.D., MBA.



Dr. Deepak Shamrao Khobragade

20 yrs

Dr. Deepak Shamrao Khobragade Professor & Dean Academics


M.Pharm .PhD



Dr. Surendra S. Agrawal

19 yrs

Dr. Surendra S. Agrawal Professor and Convenor Pharma Education Unit, SHPER


M. Pharm., Ph.D.,


Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Prof. Dilip K. Madia

35 yrs

Prof. Dilip K. Madia Associate Professor


M.Pharm,FIC,FASc, Certificate Course in Clinical Trial Management (Delaware-USA)



Student testimonial

My experience at DMIHER was great and memorable. It helped me to enhance my academic skills and interpersonal skills. Beyond and academics this college foster culture of holistic growth whether growth whether through participating in extracellular activities. The faculty members at DMIHER are unparalleled in their dedication and concern. The mentorship and guidance played a vital role in shaping my career.

Ms. Gauri Thakare

As a student at Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy, I can confidently say it has been an enriching experience. The faculty is highly knowledgeable and supportive, providing a conducive learning environment. The practical exposure and research opportunities have been invaluable in shaping my skills. The campus facilities are top-notch, enhancing the overall academic journey. I am grateful for the holistic education and personal growth I have gained at Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy till now.

Mr. Satvik Bhutada

Myself Yukta Bhojwani of B. Pharm 2 nd year. Attending Datta meghe college of pharmacy has exceeded all my expectations. The cutting-edge facilities and resources available to students have enhanced my learning experience tremendously.I'm grateful for teachers innovative teaching methods. From incorporating real-world examples to utilizing multimedia resources, they kept classes engaging and relevant, making learning enjoyable.The diverse community at my college enriched my learning experience and broadened my perspectives. I am grateful for the opportunities I had to engage with different cultures and backgrounds. The resources and opportunities available at my college allowed me to explore my interest and passions while providing the support I needed to excel academically.

Yukta Bhojwani

My self Tanmay Arvind Kopare student of B.pharm final year of Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy. Being a part of Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy has nurtured my thirst for knowledge and self-development. It has prepared me to pursue a profession that's fulfilling, constantly changing, and intellectually stimulating. The brand “DMCP” has already made a strong platform for a career upon which we just had to keep adding knowledge and skills. The staff had always been helpful and enhanced my theoretical and practical knowledge in scientific and pharmaceutical research. Apart from academics, the college had always tried to give its students the best co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that are needed for their life and career, and this makes you stand out from the crowd. Most important our college arrange weekly guest lecture. The college is very happening and every week brings something new. This program has prepared me to enter the exciting world of the pharmaceutical industry.

Tanmay Arvind Kopare

Myself Ms. Hellen Yayra student of B.Pharm Ist Year. The beginning of every journey is crucial to the successful completion and the achievement of goal. This is why beginning right is of utmost importance and DMCP has proven this so. Right from the onset, not only theory but practical sessions, both of which are very interactive and student-centered are taken simultaneously. This helps you to understand exactly what is being taught. The personality development program which is prepared by the college and held through weekly guest lectures, tackles important field-related topics and practical life situations. This prepares the student for the world after studies and this gives me great hope and assurance that I will be industry-prepped and ready by the end of my course here. For this reason, I know that I am not just passing through my college but my college is also passing through me.

Ms. Hellen Yayra

Attending Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy, DMIHER(DU) has been an unparalleled experience. Their commitment to advance research is evident in their state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive digital learning resources. With access to all research-related equipment, coupled with excellent mentorship and high-experience faculty, I've thrived in an environment that fosters both academic growth and personal development. The college's education system is truly exemplary, preparing students for success in their chosen fields

Mr. Anup Shende

Alumni Testimonial

Reflecting on my journey through college brings waves of gratitude and nostalgia crashing over me. Being the first batch and alumni of Datta Meghe College Pharmacy is a badge of honour.

Walking through the gates of college for the first time, not knowing what future holds, at the same moment I was filled with a blend of excitement and apprehension. Little did I know that those halls would become the crucible in which I forged lifelong friendships, unearthed my passions, and honed the skills that would shape my future.

The faculty at college are more than educators; they are mentors, guiding lights who ignited the flames of curiosity within me and encouraged me to push the boundaries of my intellect. Their unwavering support and belief in my potential propelled me forward, even when the path seemed daunting.

Beyond academics, this college fostered a culture of holistic growth. Whether through participating in extracurricular activities or pursuing internships, I was constantly challenged to step outside my comfort zone and develop the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving world. As I stand on the precipice of my career, I am grateful for the foundation that DMCOP has provided me. The lessons I learned within its walls—resilience in the face of adversity, empathy for those whose experiences differ from my own, and a relentless pursuit of excellence—will continue to guide me as I navigate the complexities of life beyond graduation.

To future students: seize the opportunity – it’s a journey worth taking.

Sameer Khidkikar

Myself Gauri Daf student of NIPER-S.A.S. NAGAR MOHALI (M.S. PHARM BIOTECHNOLOGY) I have completed my B.Pharm from Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy, Wardha. "As a proud alumna of Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy, Wardha, I can confidently say that my educational journey at this esteemed institution has been nothing short of transformative. The college provided me with a robust foundation in pharmaceutical sciences, preparing me not only for academic excellence but also for real-world challenges in the field. The faculty members at Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy are unparalleled in their dedication and expertise, always fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth. Their mentorship and guidance played a pivotal role in shaping my career trajectory. I am immensely grateful to Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy, Wardha, for providing me with a solid academic foundation and shaping me into a competent pharmaceutical professional. I highly recommend this institution to aspiring students looking to pursue a career in pharmacy.

Gauri Daf

Choosing Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy for my B.Pharm was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The college goes above and beyond in providing its students with everything they need to succeed. The infrastructure is top-notch, with modern labs and facilities that create an ideal learning environment. But Datta Meghe isn't just about the physical space. The faculty is incredibly supportive and passionate about their fields. They don't just teach us; they empower us. Through their guidance and the various opportunities provided by the college, I was able to develop valuable leadership skills. My experience at Datta Meghe wasn't just about academics; it was about personal growth. This college truly fosters a well-rounded learning experience, and I'm incredibly grateful for the time I spent there.


I am Ms. Dipali Bokade student of Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy had the privilege to be in the first batch of B. Pharm programme at the Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy, DMIHER University. From the beginning, the institute and especially the amazing teachers have been successful in engraved us the sense of responsibility. The institute provides the best resources in teaching, learning and curricular activities. A huge breathful thank you to DMCP for grooming my skills and talent in Pharma carrier.

Ms. Dipali Bokade

I Mr. Makrand Somalkar student of Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy would like to express my sincere gratitude to Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy. My experience at Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy, Wardha is illuminating and rewarding. It is a place where one can find an amaigamation of learning and personality development skills. It has helped in developing positive attitude towards my studies and discovers more about my hidden talents.

Mr. Makrand Somalkar

I Ms. Janvi Chaturkar student of Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy is constituent of DMIHER University and offers an ideal study environment. The years spent here were full of learning opportunities with the right blend of fun and academics. My favorite element of this college is its faculty members and learning resources. Being knowledgeable, inspiring and approachable, my instructors provide students with much guidance and mind opening perspectives in various areas. I am thankful to Datta Meghe College of Pharmacy for grooming my talent and skills which makes me proficient in Pharma carrier.

Ms. Janvi Chaturkar